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New survey shows 80% want Abbott to give Coalition MPs a conscience vote on marriage equality

The Australian Greens say the unstoppable drive for marriage equality continues with a new Galaxy poll showing 80 percent of respondents want the Coalition to have a free vote on it in parliament.

The survey conducted for Australians for Marriage Equality also shows 76 percent of Coalition supporters would back their MPs having a conscience vote.

"This welcome survey by Australian Marriage Equality adds more weight to numerous polls which show support continues to build for changing the Marriage Act," Greens' marriage equality spokesperson, Sen. Sarah Hanson-Young, said today.

"The Greens want a cross-party sponsored bill to be presented for debate in the parliament in the new year, and for Tony Abbott to let his Coalition members to have a free vote on it.

"We have opened an invitation to Liberal and National as well as Labor MPs to co-sign our bill so we have the best chance of getting it passed through the parliament.

"Tony Abbott has nothing to lose by giving his members a free vote on amending the Marriage Act. But if he continues to stand in the way of what most Australians believe is now inevitable, his MPs will have no other choice but to cross the floor if they are to listen to their electorates.

"Individual Liberal members have a proud history of crossing the floor on crucial votes. We in the Greens hope Mr Abbott will let his members stand up and vote freely to help defeat discrimination based on who a person loves."


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