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New tenders for Manus and Nauru to cost taxpayers billions while private companies make huge profits

Media reports have revealed the Abbott Government is planning to sign new five to seven year contracts to keep Manus Island and Nauru detention camps open, costing billions in taxpayers dollars and continuing Australia’s cruel offshore detention program.

"These offshore hellholes are costing taxpayers billions, and now the Government wants to give even more money to the companies who make big profits from locking up children," Greens Immigration Spokesperson Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said.

“The Government needs to be upfront about their plans for Manus and Nauru. If the boats have stopped, why is the Government signing long-term contracts worth billions of dollars? Clearly they intend to keep refugees locked up for many more years to come.

“With all the revelations of abuse and neglect inside these camps the Government should be finding a way of shutting them down not spending billions to keep them open.

“The Government has outsourced responsibility for people’s lives to these companies who are unable to look after them, or guarantee their safety.

“The companies contracted to run these camps have failed to meet their obligations time and time again.  With revelations of child abuse, the assault of women and staff trading drugs on the job, the companies in charge should be sacked. 

“The companies are making big profits out of detention camps and have proven that they can't be trusted to treat refugees humanely, while also implementing the Government’s harsh deterrence policy. 

“Men, women and children have been abused and harmed while under the care of these companies, but when questioned the management and executives have shown little remorse.”


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