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No evidence to back claim by fringe doctors' group opposing marriage equality

Media Release
Sarah Hanson-Young 14 May 2012

The Australian Greens today said there is no evidence to back claims of the Victorian deputy chief psychiatrist who signed a letter by a fringe doctors group which claims allowing same-sex marriage would harm children.

"Dr Kuravilla George's views are out of step with professional bodies such as the Australian Psychologists Society and the Australian Medical Association which say it's discrimination itself which is harmful and has negative health impacts," Greens' human rights spokesperson, Sen. Sarah Hanson-Young, said.

"As the Psychologists Society told* the inquiry into my Marriage Equality Amendment bill, there is no evidence to justify the continuing discrimination against same-sex parents and their families.

"The only thing that makes children in same-sex families more vulnerable is our current marriage law which discriminate against their parents for loving each other.

"Dr George's views put him at odds with the Victorian Equal Opportunity & Human Rights Commission which has distanced itself from his letter.

"As Dr George is a senior adviser to the Victorian government, it is important that the relevant ministers clarify the government's view on their adviser's comments.

"Nothing good comes from discrimination. As community leaders, we have a responsibility to promote equality, fairness and social inclusion by allowing marriage equality.

"Ensuring that our nation's children are in loving and secure families with quality parenting is what should matter most, not the gender of their parents.

"Fringe groups will say anything in their futile task of preventing Australia from finally achieving marriage equality. Their efforts are in vain as it is now not a matter of if but when Australia's parliament removes discrimination from the Marriage Act."

* The APS supports full marriage equality for all people, regardless of their sex, sexual orientation or gender identity, on human rights, health and
wellbeing grounds. Psychological research provides no evidence that would justify legal discrimination against same-sex partners and their families, but there is ample evidence that such discrimination contributes significantly to the risk of mental ill-health among gay, lesbian, bisexual and sex and/or gender diverse people, especially young people.

* Submission #261 from


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