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NZ offshore oil ban a win for climate, a test for Malcolm

New Zealand’s ban on new offshore oil and gas exploration and drilling permits offers a path Australia must follow, South Australian Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said today.

“The New Zealand Government have shown the leadership that Malcolm Turnbull’s been too afraid to show.

“New Zealand’s action demonstrates the environmental impact of offshore oil and gas to both the oceans and the climate can no longer be ignored.

“The real question is why New Zealand’s marine environment is worthy of protection from Big Oil, but the Great Australian Bight is not.

“it was only last week we saw secret documents from BP arguing that an oil spill, which would smother our precious environment in sludge, would be “a welcome boost to the local economy”.

“We know the risks. We know the danger. We know we need to take it seriously, and we know that multinational oil corporations don’t take that danger seriously at all.

“If they think oil spills are welcome, they’re not welcome. It’s as simple as that.

“I have a bill before the Parliament that would ban oil exploration in the Bight. Malcolm Turnbull can back the bill, back a ban, and back the Bight, or he can back BP and Big Oil instead.

“New Zealand’s Prime Minister chose protection over profit. What will Malcolm Turnbull choose?”

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