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People power can defeat TPP

Media Release
Sarah Hanson-Young 9 Mar 2018

The Greens stand with the Australian community in the fight to defeat the corporation-serving Trans Pacific Partnership.

“The Greens will fight tooth and nail to defeat this dodgy trade deal. This behind-closed-doors deal Malcolm Turnbull and his Trade Minister have signed Australia up to today is loathed by the community, who are well aware it was made by corporations, for corporations,” Greens Trade spokesperson Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said.

“The Liberal Party is celebrating signing the TPP while everyday Australians shudder to think their interests have been sold up the river. The fact is the Turnbull Government seems more interested in getting a win for themselves, than a win for the country.

“They would sign any agreement that was put in front of them if it had the words ‘free trade’ on the cover page. This deal will send the costs of vital cancer medications through the roof, through dangerous ISDS clauses will put Australia at serious risk of being sued for acting in the national interest and the insignificant GDP growth projection looks more like a rounding error.

“This deal doesn’t come into effect in Australia without enabling legislation passing the Parliament and the Senate must shine a light on what exactly the Government is hitching its wagon to. We’re going to throw all we can at this deal to expose the dangers it poses to Australia, and to defeat it in the Parliament.

“The Greens will always fight against any deals that put corporations ahead of community and call on Labor and the crossbench to support a Senate inquiry into the TPP when parliament resumes.”

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