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PM’s lack of climate change policy puts South Australia in firing line

South Australia will continue to face earlier and earlier starts to the fire season unless the Prime Minister steps up and takes urgent action to tackle the climate crisis, Greens Senator for South Australia Sarah Hanson-Young said.


Responding to the Australian Seasonal Bushfire Outlook released today, which forecasts an active fire season across Australia and in particular on Kangaroo Island and Eyre Peninsula, Senator Hanson-Young said the PM’s lack of climate change policy is putting SA at risk of catastrophic fires not that dissimilar to those burning in the Amazon.


“Today’s Seasonal Bushfire Outlook highlights the terrifying reality of inaction on climate change,” Senator Hanson-Young said.


“South Australians know all too well the fire risk our state faces and will no doubt prepare for the upcoming season accordingly. But unless the Morrison Government takes action on climate change by phasing out coal and rapidly transitioning to renewables, there will only be so much people can do to protect their properties and their lives.


“We are seeing extremely distressing photos of rainforests and bushland burning in the Amazon, loss of wildlife, and the displacement of people – this is what we face here. We are already in the middle of an extinction crisis in this country and catastrophic weather events have left people without a roof over their heads – how much worse does it need to get before the PM will act?”


Senator Hanson-Young noted the Adelaide City Council declared a Climate Emergency last night and she called on the Federal Government to do the same.


“The coal huggers in the LNP are putting all Australians at risk. The PM cannot sit idly by and let this country burn like he is with the Amazon, he must act now,” Senator Hanson-Young said.

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