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Poll shows South Australians want to keep $10bn of renewable industry funding

Media Release
Sarah Hanson-Young 4 Sep 2013

Tony Abbott wants to scrap the Clean Energy Finance Corporation, but polling* has shown that the majority of South Australians want to see it protected.

“South Australia is the clean energy capital of Australia, but Tony Abbott wants to pull the rug out from under the industry,” South Australian Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said.

“The renewable energy sector has the potential to employ an extra  5,000 South Australians by 2030, but that’s all at stake because of Tony Abbot’s plans to gut the CEFC.

“Sixty-nine per cent of South Australians who have an opinion want to see the $10 billion of renewable industry funding protected.

“South Australian voters have the power to stop Tony Abbott in his tracks by voting Green in the Senate. He’s coming after my seat in the Senate because he knows he needs it to get absolute power.

“Tony Abbott needs to listen to the voters of South Australia. Renewable energy is the power of the future and the CEFC is essential in setting up the economy of tomorrow.

“When it comes to renewable energy, South Australia is leading the nation and Australia has the potential lead to the world.

“Tony Abbott’s views on renewable energy mean he’s out-of-touch and, even before he becomes Prime Minister, he’s already out-of-date.” 


The polling was carried out by Lonergan Research and can be viewed here

Media Contact: Noah Schultz-Byard 0427 604 760

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