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Refugee boat, turned back by the Australian Navy, crashes onto reef.

The Australian government continues to its secret operations on the high seas while ignoring its regional responsibilities after a boat carrying 65 asylum seekers, including three toddlers, crashes onto a reef after being turned away by the Australian Navy.

"The Abbott Government's heavy handed secrecy continues as Australians find more out from Indonesian authorities than we do our own Government," Greens spokesperson for Immigration Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said.

"Australia's policy of turning back boats continues to put the lives of young children at risk. While Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand have ceased turning boats around the Australian government continues to shirk its responsibilities in the region, putting lives in peril" 

"The government  continues to snub its neighbours efforts to save lives of asylum seekers in the South East Asian seas by using the Australian Navy to turn boats around.

"Continuing to turn boats around and expecting our regional neighbours to take responsibility for those seeking asylum is shameful and continues to put innocent lives at risk.

"The government continues to turn back boats under a cloud of secrecy and should come clean to the Australian public on the extent and humanitarian consequences of its operations on the high seas.


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