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Refugee families plead for safer pathways

Senator Sarah Hanson-Young, Australian Greens spokesperson for Immigration and Citizenship, is currently visiting Indonesia and available for interview and comment. She is there to investigate the factors holding up refugee assessment and causing people to take dangerous boat journeys.

Yesterday Senator Hanson-Young met with asylum seekers and refugees in Jakarta and Cisarua, and visited immigration detention centres and prisons. She heard first-hand from families who said they would resort to boarding a boat to Australia because they do not have any other choice. Senator Hanson-Young listened to parents, including single mothers, who do not feel safe where they are and want to continue to Australia to find protection, education and a life free from persecution.

Over the next two days Senator Hanson-Young will be meeting with peak bodies such as the UNHCR and IOM and furthering her engagement with NGOs in the refugee services sector, legal advocates and human rights groups.

Please contact Kelly Farrow on 0427 604 760 to arrange an interview.

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