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Refugee Independent Health Advisory Panel

The Greens plan for an expert panel to monitor the health of refugees in offshore detention.

Conditions in Australia’s offshore refugee camps are harsh and dangerously inadequate, with no safeguards or oversight for medical and mental health, and no transparency. The old parties are risking the health and wellbeing of thousands of refugees, including children, by dumping them in appalling conditions in Nauru and Papua New Guinea. A caring nation looks after people fleeing persecution and their physical and mental health.

The Greens will establish an Independent Health Advisory Panel of medical and mental health experts to provide transparent public oversight and rigorously monitor the needs and wellbeing of vulnerable people sent by Australia to Nauru and PNG.

The Independent Health Advisory Panel would be:

  • selected from a pool of experts nominated by Australia's peak medical, psychiatric and psychological bodies, 
  • self-directed in the nature of their investigations, 
  • given access to all offshore facilities and personnel, 
  • independent of the Minister and,
  • reporting directly to the Parliament every 6 months.

The Panel would:

  • report on the health conditions inside detention camps, 
  • investigate deficiencies in care, and 
  • make recommendations for improving the medical and mental health care that refugees sent offshore can access.

You can read our full plan for a Refugee Health and Wellbeing Independent Health Advisory Panel here

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