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Removing discrimination in the Marriage Act is a matter of principle: Greens

Media Release
Sarah Hanson-Young 28 Apr 2015

The Australian Greens have today urged Labor and Liberal to stop the infighting and get on with legislating for marriage equality.

“It's time to drop the excuses. Labor's bizarre position of having a party policy of marriage equality but actively signalling to MPs to vote against it has always been naked politicking. The truth is, the party either believes equality is important or it doesn't,” Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said.

“Ultimately, what Labor does and how they make their representatives vote on the issue of marriage equality is a matter for them.

“The Greens have always believed that removing discrimination from the law books is a matter principle and it should be the policy of all parties who honestly believe in equality.

“It’s time the Parliament got on with removing discrimination from the Marriage Act and ensuring that same-sex couples in Australia are no longer treated as second class citizens.

“It’s time the Labor factions, just like Tony Abbott, got out of the way and allowed marriage equality to be realised.

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