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SA needs green jobs recovery

A green jobs recovery is desperately needed to stem the flow of jobs in South Australia which has the highest unemployment rate in the country according to jobs figures released today.

Greens Senator for South Australia and Spokesperson for Environment, Arts and Tourism, Sarah Hanson-Young said:

“Not all of the 40,800 workers who lost their jobs in SA in April will automatically get them back when the COVID-19 crisis is over.

“We need a stimulus package that helps our key local industries recover – renewable energy, tourism and the arts.

“SA is leading the country with renewable energy and as investors and international energy agencies move away from fossil fuels we have a golden opportunity to capitalise.

“SA is also known as the Festival State but without tailored support for our arts and entertainment sector, the lights will be out on many of our stages and galleries for good.

“The Greens recovery package for creative Australia announced this week includes funding to get our artists, musicians, writers, creators, and crews back producing content for our screens, theatres, live music venues, festivals and galleries.

“Investing in arts and entertainment and a green recovery for our environment is an investment in our tourism and hospitality industries – good for jobs, our social fabric and the planet.”

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