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Scathing Royal Commission evidence puts MDBA on notice

The final submission to the Murray Darling Basin Royal Commission will send shockwaves throughout Basin communities and should be seen as a warning signal to those doing the wrong thing in water bureaucracy, state and federal governments and corporate irrigation. 


“The Murray Darling Basin Authority has set the Murray Darling Basin Plan up to fail,” Greens water spokesperson Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said. 


“Wherever the Murray Darling Basin Authority could go wrong, it has. It failed to account for climate change, it ignored the clear science, and has been undermined by a lack of independence and transparency.


“Governments and the MDBA have all but admitted that South Australia will never get a  drop of the 450GL that was promised to be delivered.  


“Those who have given evidence in this Royal Commission should be commended. While we wait for the Commissioner’s report in February, we know that it cannot be business as usual at the Murray Darling Basin Authority.


“What is clear from today is that the Murray Darling and the environment needs political champions in the Parliament. Relying on goodwill of states or the independence of the Authority will not save our River. I will fight every day for our River, and for our state to get the water we need and were promised.”

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