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Senate agrees; Lake Eyre must be protected from the Newman Government

A Greens motion opposing the Newman Government’s plans to repeal Wild Rivers legislation has been supported by the Senate.

The Wild Rivers legislation in Queensland has helped to ensure the long term survival of rivers that feed into the Lake Eyre Basin in South Australia

“Repealing the legislation that protects these rivers in Queensland will have a devastating effect on South Australia’s Lake Eyre,” the Greens’ water spokesperson, Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said today.

“If Campbell Newman gets his way the miners will be free to let rip and Lake Eyre, which is iconic in my home state, will be in danger.

“SA has already suffered under the mismanagement of the Murray Darling Basin and we can’t afford for this to happen again in our state’s north. 

“I was disappointed to see Liberal Senators vote against the motion which is only trying to protect Lake Eyre, a South Australian landmark.

“Now that the federal government is committed to protecting this South Australian treasure, I urge Premier Weatherill to back moves for a national plan to protect the Lake Eyre Basin.

“The future of a South Australian icon is in the hands of the Liberal government in Queensland and I think a lot of people in SA will find that to be a deeply concerning situation.

The motion as moved by Senators Sarah Hanson-Young and Larissa Waters, which was supported by the Labor Party and opposed by the Coalition, is below;

I move that the Senate:

      a)      Notes that South Australia’s iconic Lake Eyre is dependent on water flows from the Cooper, Diamantina and Georgina Rivers, which are under threat by the Queensland Government’s proposal to repeal legislation       that currently protects them;


Opposes the repealing of the Wild Rivers legislation by the Queensland government; and


Urges South Australian Premier Jay Weatherill to act promptly to work with the federal Government to protect the Lake Eyre Basin from Premier Campbell Newman’s proposal.

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