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Senate backs Gillian Triggs and the Human Rights Commission

The Australian Senate has voted to support a cross-party motion expressing confidence in the Australian Human Rights Commission and its President, Professor Gillian Triggs.

"Protecting children from abuse should be above politics," the Greens' immigration spokesperson, Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said.

"Many Australians have been appalled by the Abbott government's hysterical attack on the Human Rights Commission and now the Senate has taken a stand.

"The Forgotten Children report raised serious issues about the abuse and sexual assault of children in Australian run detention centres. It's time to end the political punch-up and focus on protecting the children who are locked up in Australia and on Nauru."

Independent Senators joined the Australian Greens, Labor and Palmer United Parties in supporting the confidence motion.

"We can only tackle the issue of abuse in detention by working together, across party lines," Senator Hanson-Young said.


The motion, as passed by the Senate, read;

Senators Collins and Hanson-Young, Leader of the Palmer United Party in the Senate (Senator Lazarus), and Senators Wang and Lambie: To move that the Senate-

(a)        commends the Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) and its President on delivering The forgotten children: national inquiry into Children in Immigration Detention 2014 report;

(b)        acknowledges that the Department of Immigration and Border Protection has referred all allegations of abuse involving children in detention, including those evidenced in the report, on an individual basis to police for investigation and action;

(c)        respects the independence and integrity of the AHRC and its mandate to promote and protect human rights in Australia; and

(d)        expresses its support for, and confidence in, the AHRC and its President.


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