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Senate calls for Liberal conscience vote on marriage

Media Release
Sarah Hanson-Young 18 Mar 2015

The Australian Senate has called on Tony Abbott to allow all Coalition members a conscience vote on marriage equality.

"The Senate has told Tony Abbott it's time he stopped gagging his members and gave them a free vote on marriage equality," the Greens' LGBTI spokesperson, Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said.

"Most Australians understand that there is no room for discrimination in Australia and they're just waiting for Tony Abbott to catch up.

"The Greens are ready to work with anyone from any political party to get marriage equality over the line.

"In passing this motion, the Senate's message to the Prime Minister is clear; get on with it and stop delaying this essential reform."


Media Contact: Noah Schultz-Byard 0427 604 760


The motion, as passed by the Senate, read;

Senator Hanson-Young moves;

-          That the Senate agrees that all members of Parliament and senators should be granted a conscience vote on the issue of equal marriage in Australia.


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