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Senate supports Greens’ call for information on Nauru

The senate has backed a Greens motion, calling on the government to release documents detailing the contractual obligations of companies trusted to operate the detention centre on Nauru.


“This is a crucial step towards the clear and open operation of detention facilities on Nauru,” Greens' immigration spokesperson, Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said after moving the motion today.


“Without transparency how can we know what situation the Australian Government is sending these, the most vulnerable of people to?


“Australians also deserve to know just how much of their taxes are going to be spent on offshore processing and the continued inhumane processing of refugees.


“With Nauru’s Foreign Minister revealing that refugees will be processed under Nauruan law last week, we are concerned that their government simply doesn’t have the experience or the capability to process the asylum claims.


"There also needs to be a legislated time limit on detention because we know that indefinite detention causes mental and physical damage to already fragile people.


“The Greens continue to call on the government to develop new and safe pathways for asylum seekers in line with what Amnesty International, the UNHCR and the refugee protection organisations from our region say is needed.”



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