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Senator Christine Milne & Senator Sarah Hanson-Young Press Conference, July 8, 2012

Australian Greens Leader Christine Milne and Immigration spokesperson Sarah Hanson-Young held a press conference to discuss further developments in the Greens' proposals to save the lives of refugees and prevent them from taking the risky journey to Australia in dangerous boats.

The senators also addressed questions on statements in recent days by Sam Dastayari and Paul Howes.

The press conference was held outside the Australian Greens Special Policy Conference, where the party passed three proposals. The text of the proposals is below:


PROPOSAL: That the Australian Greens National Council:

1. Welcomes the introduction of the Clean Energy Act, putting a price on pollution and investing in supporting householders and clean, renewable energy, as a vital first step in tackling global warming;

2. Congratulates the Australian Greens MPs for successfully negotiating and delivering the Clean Energy Act; and

3. Commits to ongoing campaigning across the country to support the Clean Energy Act and build public momentum for more ambitious action, in line with the climate science, in the
years ahead.


PROPOSAL: This National Council

1. Notes that the Murray Darling Basin Plan is likely to be tabled in federal parliament in late 2012;

2. Notes that the current Draft Plan does not return sufficient water to the environment to ensure the long-term health of environment, industry and communities in a drying climate;

3. Notes the lack of modelling undertaken or released by the MBDA for higher volume returns, climate change or increased groundwater extraction; and

4. Endorses the Greens' call for a minimum of 4000GL to be returned to the environment consistent with the calls of scientists and experts.


PROPOSAL: This National Council -

1. Congratulates Australian Greens federal MPs for their courageous stance in federal parliament in standing up for the rights and safety of refugees and asylum seekers;

2. Notes that punitive offshore processing, such as in Malaysia or Nauru, of asylum seekers who have reached Australian territory does not save people but instead causes further harm and fatality; and,

3. Endorses the Greens' long-standing position of providing safer pathways for asylum seekers and refugees through increased humanitarian intake, enhanced protections and regional assessment processes, and urgently increased direct resettlement from within our region as backed by the UNHCR, Amnesty International, the Refugee Council of Australia and other expert organisations.

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