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Speirs aimed at wrong target

The South Australian Liberal Government needs to stop fighting the SA Royal Commissioner and start fighting for our water if they are serious about saving the Murray, the Greens say.


“South Australian Environment and Water Minister David Speirs is in denial about the delivery of the 450GL of water promised to South Australia. The Royal Commissioner has confirmed we won’t see a drop of that water,” Greens environment and water spokesperson Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said.


“Arguing with the findings of the South Australian Royal Commission is not a good look for this rookie Minister who was sold a pup by the upstream states last year. He should be fighting for the water to be delivered, not lashing out at the Royal Commissioner.


“It’s clear the SA Liberal Government have no plan to secure the water South Australia is owed and the Murray needs. The Minister should get on the phone and demand that his Canberra Liberal National colleagues lift the ban on water buybacks and secure that water this year. 


“Getting New South Wales and Victoria to the negotiating table was not a win when South Australia’s Minister was squibbed out of precisely what he was supposed to be fighting for. The delivery of the 450GL of water is contingent on conditions designed to be impossible to meet.


“If Minister Speirs wants to do the right thing by South Australia and the Murray, it’s time to take the blinders off and start standing up to the upstream states that are against any water coming over the border."

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