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Statement Responding to the Passage of Paid Parental Leave Legislation

Senator Sarah Hanson-Young, Greens Spokesperson on the Status of Women:

"We welcome the fact that Australia finally has a Paid Parental Leave scheme, but the scheme's inadequacies mean that our work is not yet finished.

"This is an historic day, as Federal Parliament has achieved something that supporters of parental leave have sought for 30 years.

"It is, however, only one step on the road to achieving the scheme that we need.

"Despite all sides' agreement that the scheme on offer was not enough, the Government has failed to respond to this reality by delivering paid parental leave that gives the necessary support to working parents.

"Unfortunately, despite Tony Abbott's promises that he wanted a six-month plan for Australian families, the Coalition was not prepared to stand up for this goal either.

"Now the only party that remains committed to six months' leave plus superannuation is the Greens.

"This scheme is only the beginning - we will continue to fight for better support for Australian families and will make sure it is on this year's election agenda.''

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