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Statement from Sen. Sarah Hanson-Young on media’s visit to Inverbrackie

The Greens understand the reasons why journalists from The Advertiser and Channel Seven refused to be part of the visit to Inverbrackie today.

All journalists should be allowed to have access to detention centres and similar facilities without having to grant the Immigration Department's final approval of words, images and sounds.

It's vital that journalists be allowed to see and report freely, rather than what the department wants Australians to see.

That's why there was an uproar after Four Corners showed the truth in videos smuggled out from detention centres. It is absurd for DIAC to claim it restricts media access to protect the privacy of detainees, even when a detainee grants consent and wants their story told.

The Greens have for many years called for the media to have improved access to show what is being done with Australians' money and in their name. The DIAC guidelines hinder that.


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