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Stop treating detainees with carrots and sticks

The Greens are very concerned by revelations in today's Fairfax papers that Serco is using a behaviour management plan for detainees whom the company considers are misbehaving, immigration spokesperson, Sen. Sarah Hanson-Young said.

She said it is also alarming that the Immigration Department denies the document exists.

"I have asked direct questions about these methods in the immigration detention network inquiry and both the department and Serco have denied they are about punishing people," Sen. Hanson-Young said.

"This of course seems totally at odds with their practice and the reports.

"Some asylum seekers have fled persecution or have been tortured, so they should not be put in isolation or ‘relocated' as has been reported, or threatened with having the police called.

"Persecuted people seeking Australia's help must be treated with dignity and respect, not demeaned with a carrot and stick method that risks exacerbating the experiences they have fled."


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