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Tasmania misses marriage opportunity

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Sarah Hanson-Young 28 Sep 2012

The Tasmanian Parliament has followed the Federal Government’s lead in failing the Australian people when it comes to legalising same-sex marriage.


“I was disappointed to hear that gay and lesbian Australians will have to wait for their love and their relationships to be recognised as equal in this country,” Greens spokesperson for human rights Sarah Hanson-Young says.


“We have legal advice that a state based marriage bill would hold up to any legal challenge, but we call on Julia Gillard to rule out a commonwealth challenge to any state marriage bills.


“Tasmania was set to lead the way in this essential reform but it seems the failure to represent the majority of Australians who support marriage equality is not just a federal weakness.

“Now South Australia has the opportunity to be the first state to introduce marriage equality and reap the considerable economic rewards that will come with that.


“I congratulate all of the Tasmanian politicians who voted yes on this bill and simply want to say to the many people who have been fighting for this reform, ‘keep going’.


“Marriage equality is inevitable and, while Tasmania has missed the opportunity this time, there are many other states that have this crucial legislation before their parliaments as we speak.


“The Federal Government failed to lead the way in this area but the Greens will keep fighting and the next time we vote on a marriage equality bill in Canberra, it will be passed.”


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