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Thousands of Australians left behind in Coalition’s ministerial shake-up

The Australian Greens have criticised the sizeable holes in Tony Abbott’s newly-appointed Coalition government ministry following its announcement today.

“With no minister for youth or early childhood education, Australians can’t feel confident that the Coalition government is looking after them,” Greens Youth, Early Childhood Education and Childcare spokesperson Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said.

“Tony Abbott has grand plans for a generous paid-parental leave scheme, but once that dries up where are those parents to turn when childcare and early childhood education are swept off the table?

“The introduction of the Ministry of Immigration and Border Protection is a stark, harsh change to the Immigration and Citizenship portfolio.  It would have been more direct to call the top position Minister for Refugee Cruelty.

“The Coalition has not wasted any time in showing Australians it can’t be trusted to stand up for everyone, whether it be working parents, children, youth  or refugees seeking our protection.

“With the Greens’ presence in the Senate, people can be sure that even though the Coalition may have forgotten certain demographics in its ministerial shake-up, we will act to help all Australians live in a more secure and caring society and make sure no-one is forgotten.”


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