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Time for Taylor to go: Greens

Embattled Minister Angus Taylor should be sacked, after today’s finding by the Environment Department that a company part-owned by him illegally poisoned critically endangered grasslands, the Greens say.

Greens Spokesperson for the Environment Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said:

“Another day, another scandal for Angus Taylor. This time he’s been caught out trashing the environment for his own private business interests. 

“Minister Taylor is up to his neck in mud, and it is time the Prime Minister sacked him. 

“The stench of Mr Taylor’s shady excuses, cover ups and behaviour can’t be ignored any longer, he must go. 

“It’s concerning that despite Mr Taylor’s attempts to intervene in the investigation of the poisoning of the endangered grasslands, the Department has given his company an order, rather than a fine. The attempt to interfere and cover up what has occurred here should be the subject of a further corruption investigation and penalties.

“Australia has one of the worst extinction rates in the world and non-compliance with environmental laws is a major factor in this shameful statistic.

“We need stronger laws to protect our native flora and fauna and we need the people in charge should be fighting for that, not helping destroy our natural environment for corporate profit.”

Greens Senate Leader and spokesperson on Democracy Larissa Water said:

“The conclusion of this investigation does not end concerns about Angus Taylor's contact with the Department during the investigation into Jam Land and his failure to disclose his interest in the company.

“The limits of the Senate inquiry show we urgently need a federal corruption watchdog with strong investigative powers to start cleaning up the dodgy conduct of Morrison’s Ministers.

“Serious questions remain about Minister Taylor’s conduct during the Jam Lands investigation, as well as in the doctoring of Sydney City Council documents. It’s high time he was stood down as a Minister until these serious allegations can be resolved.

“My Bill for a federal anti-corruption body has passed the Senate and the Prime Minister should bring it on for a vote in the House next fortnight and finally establish this much needed integrity body.

“The Department has applied a weak sanction for this illegal clearing, when they could and should be prosecuting - are they going soft because it’s a Minister’s brother? And were they pressured to go soft on this penalty for breaching environmental laws?

“Stronger Ministerial Standards and an independent national integrity commission are essential to restore public trust.”

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