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TPVs gone as Senate supports Greens’ scrapping of cruelty

Genuine refugees will no longer be forced to live a life in limbo after the Senate voted to support the Greens’ move to scrap Tony Abbott’s Temporary Protection Visas late on Monday night.

“Scrapping these cruel visas is a win for decency and a win for the generosity that has made this country great,” the Greens’ immigration spokesperson, Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said.

“Compassion for vulnerable people has always been an Australian value and our actions in the parliament today have been in defence of those principles of decency.

“Leaving refugees languishing in limbo is no way to respond to a looming humanitarian crisis in our region.”

Forming one of the main planks of the Abbott Government’s six point plan of cruelty, Temporary Protection Visas were proven to fail in 1999 when their introduction preceded a massive spike in refugee arrivals by boat.

Designed solely to target people who have already arrived in Australia, Tony Abbott’s Temporary Protection Visas were not intended to act as a deterrent.

“This was punishment simply for punishments sake,” Senator Hanson-Young said.

“By denying family reunion visas, TPVs force more women and children onto boats in a desperate bid to reach safety and their families. We have seen the tragic results of this in the past.

“Tony Abbott is trying to take this country backwards but the Greens will continue to use the Parliament to stand up for vulnerable people, now and into the future.”

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