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Trump's TPP backflip makes a bad deal worse

Media Release
Sarah Hanson-Young 13 Apr 2018

Reports that US President Donald Trump is looking to join the revived TPP are bad news for Australia’s economy and democracy, Australian Greens trade spokesperson Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said today.

“Many of the worst features of the first dud deal were put on ice as an attempt to build a new deal out of the rubble. But everything that’s on ice gets defrosted if the US comes back to the table,” she said.

“These suspended clauses include even longer monopoly rights on medicines, which would punish Australians suffering from conditions like cancer or rheumatoid arthritis by making medicine more expensive.

“If the US comes back to the table, these suspended clauses come back into play.

“The revised deal still leaves the Australian Government exposed to being sued by corporations for adopting health policies that hurt investor’s bottom-lines. It still exempts some countries from having to check if there are Australians able to fill a job before handing it to a migrant worker instead.

“It’s an assault on our sovereignty, our democracy and our independence.

“The zombie TPP was a bad deal the first time round, and it’s a bad deal in its revived state. If Malcolm Turnbull continues to put his political ideology over the interests of everyday Australians, all we’ll end up with is a bad deal made worse.

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