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We must do more to save the natural world: Greens

Australia needs to step up its efforts to protect vulnerable and endangered species, including insects, to combat mass extinction and set an example for the rest of the world, the Greens say.


“The sharp decline in insect populations shows ecosystems across the world are struggling to survive. Insects play a vital role in our ecosystems and must not be forgotten in plans to save our threatened species,” Greens environment spokesperson Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said.


“Insects that could be saved are headed toward extinction. If we don’t act swiftly this will be another great stain on our international reputation as well as the future of ecosystems we all depend on. We have an opportunity to be a leader in reversing the trend of extinction by protecting and preserving our ecosystems.


“Extinction is avoidable. Climate change and pesticides have been named as major contributors to the decline of our natural world. Not enough is being done to address these threats.


“Australia needs stronger environmental laws and to take serious action on climate change if we are going to do our part in protecting our natural world and the species that live on this planet.


“We could be world leaders, instead we have an anti-science, anti-climate change Prime Minister and Government while we hurtle toward this disaster. Its more clear than ever that need strong Greens representation in the Senate to hold the Government to account on environmental protections.”

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