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We need a new way off the endangered list

The Australian Greens are calling on an ecosystem-wide approach to tackling Australia’s threatened species crisis, this Threatened Species Day.

“The new Environment Minister should make saving threatened species a top priority.  Up till now her Government has put the financial costs onto charities and the community, with little investment from Canberra, showing they really don’t take the issue seriously. Here in South Australia, we need to fight for a $6million investment from the Federal government. I’ll be pushing the Minister Price to stump up the cash before more of our animals disappear,” Greens environment spokesperson Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said.

“We all like photos of cute animals, but the reality is we won’t save any of them unless we have fully funded targeted programs, and policies that take in the bigger picture. These species rely on ecosystems functioning and a liveable climate, that’s why we are so serious about calling this government to account.

“Australia has the worst track record for animal extinction. We could turn this around if the Liberal Government spent more time and funding on addressing the issues that are driving our unique flora and fauna extinct.

“There is another way off the endangered list that doesn’t result in extinction. We need our new Environment Minister to be ambitious, stand up to the environment wreckers in her party, and make saving our threatened species a priority.”

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