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What mums really want for Mother's Day


The Greens know what mums really want for Mother's Day:

  • quality, accessible, and affordable childcare
  • a government-funded paid parental leave scheme

It's an investment for the whole country that will build healthy, happy communities. You can let Kevin Rudd know that you want paid parental leave in the May budget. Want to send a card to Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, telling him what mums really deserve this Mother's Day?

Email Senator Hanson-Young's office or write to:
Office of Senator Sarah Hanson-Young
Ground floor, Telstra Building
30 Pirie St
Adelaide SA 5000

The office will send cards out to you.

You can also send your message to Kevin Rudd online here.

Facts you need to know about paid parental leave and childcare - vital support for parents:

  • Australia and the United States are the only two OECD countries without a paid parental leave system enshrined in law.
  • Parents need time off work to recover from the birth, establish breastfeeding patterns and bonding, and nurture their child in the first weeks of its life.
  • Workplace attachment is important and cost-beneficial for workers and employers.
  • Childcare is an essential social service that allows the wheels of work and family to turn smoothly in tandem.
  • In 2007, Australia recorded its highest ever number of registered births, with 285,200 babies born into our community.
  • Now more than ever, governments must support parents and their children through family-friendly policies.
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