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Xenophon sells SA short in water negotiations

The Nick Xenophon Team cannot be trusted to stand up for South Australia, the Australian Greens have said, after it was revealed that Senator Xenophon has removed his demand for additional environmental water in negotiations with the government on the ABCC Bill.

“Nick Xenophon has just sold South Australia down the river,” South Australian Senator and Greens’ water spokesperson, Sarah Hanson-Young said.

“He’s letting South Australia and the River Murray down, just so he can cosy up to the Coalition and help them to rip rights away from hard working Australians.

“Senator Xenophon might talk a big game, but time and time again he squibs it in the end. Now he’s doing it all again and selling our home state short.

“It’s sad, but predictable, that yet another week of histrionics from Senator Xenophon has resulted in not one drop of extra water coming to South Australia.

“Senator Xenophon has history on this issue. When the Greens moved to guarantee the 450 Gigalitres of additional environmental flow in the Murray Darling Basin Plan in the Parliament, back in 2013, he ganged up with the government and voted against it.

“His team can’t be trusted to stand up for South Australia and I am bitterly disappointed to see him fail once again when it comes to securing water for our state, our environment and our irrigators.”


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