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Youth training places must match jobs of the future

Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young has called on the Government to ensure the jobs and training compact for young Australians, announced at today’s COAG meeting, is directed towards investing in sustainable jobs for the future.

“The Government must identify the industries which will see increases in training places,” said Greens’ Spokesperson for Education, Senator Hanson-Young.

“We need an assurance that the training places provide young Australians with skills to match the jobs of the future. The workforce will change as we transform to a low emission economy and young Australians need skills relevant to the jobs created in the economic recovery.

Senator Hanson-Young has also said that the Government must immediately respond to the Bradley Review’s recommendations on student income support.

“At a time when young people are under increasing financial pressure, students, and those in guaranteed training places, need to be better supported if they are to stay on and excel in their chosen path,” she said.

“Prime Minister Rudd has missed a golden opportunity to abandon the Howard Government’s outdated independence category and recognise the real needs of young people. The Greens will continue to promote the need for the age of independence to be lowered to 21.

The Greens are calling on the Government to commit to a Youth Allowance scheme that is realistic, adequate and reaching those who need it most.

“When the Government was swept to power it promised an education revolution, yet two years on students are still out in the cold,” she said

“It’s time we saw a true commitment to the future generation of Australia, and show genuine support for our young Australians.”

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