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National rallies tell PM Gillard and Tony Abbott it's time for marriage equality

Thousands of Australians of all ages and backgrounds have gathered around the country today for a National Day of Action to tell Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott it's time Australia had marriage equality.

"Ordinary Australians are giving the Labor and Coalition leaders a strong but positive message that it's time they removed discrimination from the Marriage Act," Greens' human rights spokesperson, Sen. Sarah Hanson-Young, said at the rally in Adelaide.

"Cupid doesn't discriminate in love and neither should our laws. It's time for love and marriage to be equal.

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Obama shows leadership on marriage equality, it's time Gillard and Abbott did

US President Barack Obama has shown leadership on changing his mind and heart about marriage equality, giving an opportunity to Prime Minister Julia Gillard to do the same, the Australian Greens said today.

"When President Obama and leaders of our churches can change their minds on letting same-sex couples get married why can't Prime Minister Gillard," Greens' human rights spokesperson, Sen. Sarah Hanson-Young, said.

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Kennett helping to show the way on marriage equality; now for Abbott's conscience vote

The change of heart by former Victorian Liberal Premier, Jeff Kennett, shows what can happen when people are presented with the facts about why marriage equality matters for young Australians who are coming to terms with their sexuality, the Greens said today.

"Mr Kennett used to oppose letting same-sex couples have the right to choose whether to get married, but he's now a supporter of marriage equality and urges respect for all people," Greens' human rights spokesperson, Sarah Hanson-Young, said.

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