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Missing Voters Could Hold Key To Election - Greens

The Greens have launched a campaign to encourage first-time voters to enrol, as the Coalition vows to block legislation in the Senate to keep the electoral roll open for seven days after an election is called.

"It's disappointing to see the Coalition under Tony Abbott using this Howard-style tactic of trying to disenfranchise younger voters," said the Greens Spokesperson for Youth Senator Sarah Hanson-Young, who launched an online video today encouraging first-time voters to enrol.

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Don't Waste Your First Time


Enrol to vote NOW

An election is just around the corner – this is your chance to have your say.

Under federal law, once an election is called the electoral roll will close.

This means if you’re not on it, you’ll miss out! In 2007, more than 100,000 voters missed out because they weren’t on the roll or had changed their address. Don’t you be one of them in 2010!

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Enrol To Vote Week

Senator HANSON-YOUNG (South Australia) (9.51 am) - I move:

That the Senate -

(a) notes that:

(i) Enrol to Vote Week 2010 will run from 17 May to 23 May 2010 with the theme ‘You never know when an election might be called!', and

(ii) in 2007 only 17 208 Australians enrolled or updated their details by 8 pm on the day election writs were issued compared to 423 975 in the old 7 day period in 2004; and

(b) recognises the importance of empowering young people in the democratic process.

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Legislative Power of the Territories

Senator HANSON-YOUNG (South Australia) (10.36 am) - I, and also on behalf of Senator Humphries, move:

That the Senate recognises the sovereignty of the territory parliaments to legislate within the powers conferred on them by the Federal Parliament, without interference from the Federal Government.

Question put.

The Senate divided. [10.37 am]

(The President-Senator the Hon. JJ Hogg)

Ayes............ 7

Noes............ 50

Majority......... 43

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Greens make history in Mayo

Greens Senator for South Australia Sarah Hanson-Young says the Greens are ecstatic about their history-making performance in the Mayo by-election yesterday.

"It’s a fantastic, history-making result, and we’re very proud of our candidate Lynton Vonow," said Senator Hanson-Young.

"We’ve built strongly on the 11 per cent that the Greens received in Mayo at the 2007 federal election to achieve our best result ever in a South Australian lower-house seat.

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Greens ‘New Century’ Australia Senate Agenda

The Australian Greens today outlined their vision for Australia in the new century ahead of the opening of the Balance-of-Power Senate.

Australian Greens Leader, Senator Bob Brown, said a record 1.17 million people voted Greens at the last election, and the five Greens Senators were ready to work constructively with all parties to respond to the challenges of the new century.

"Pollution, poverty, discrimination and the destruction of Australia's forests and precious environments are the legacy of the last century and decades of greed and inaction."

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