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Greens to artists: your rights are our priority

“While the Greens support digital innovation and regulation, we’re never going to support throwing creative artists under the bus,” Greens arts spokesperson Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said.

“Our message to creative artists is unequivocal. We’re here to ensure the law empowers you, enables you, enhances you and emboldens you. The law should never impoverish you. Laws that hurt you hurt us, and we’ll fight them with you, shoulder to shoulder, day in, day out,” she said.

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Greens back ACCC’s NBN debt write-down call

The Australian Greens will investigate legislative options to write-down NBNCo’s debt, backing the suggestions put forward by the ACCC today.

“Rolling out the NBN has put too much pressure on recovering NBNCo’s costs rather than providing an essential service to Australians. We need to stop thinking of the internet as a profit-making endeavour and start treating it as an important utility like water or electricity,” Greens communications spokesperson Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said.

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