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Greens question Windsor’s Murray Darling basin committee report

The Greens are pleased with the release of the House of Representative committee’s report into the Murray Darling basin, but have questioned some of its recommendations.

“We join with environmental groups in expressing our concern with the report’s call for a reassessment of the voluntary water buy-back of certain allocations,” Greens’ spokesperson on the Murray Darling, Sen. Sarah Hanson-Young, said.

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Stop scare-mongering and show some leadership

It's time the two main parties told us what they really stand for.

The idea of a carbon tax has Tony Abbott's speedos in a knot. The Opposition Leader has been rabidly calling for a people's revolution to bring down the Government.

But as the flop of Mr Abbott's dismal 200-person-strong "People's Revolt" in Melbourne on Saturday starkly demonstrated (when compared with the 8000 people rallying on the other side of town in support of the tax), hysteria and mouth-frothing doesn't always muster the troops.

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Assange Deserves Our Help

As we begin the parliamentary year this week, there are a lot of issues in the mix, from natural disasters to budget considerations, debate over a carbon price and the future of hospital reform.

But as difficult and sensitive as some of those debates may be, there is another issue that the federal government has been trying very hard to avoid - that is the case of Julian Assange, the founder of the WikiLeaks website.

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Who Is The Fairest Of Us All

What is the purpose of the Australian of the Year award? Recognition of past achievements, recognising Australians who uphold our values? Endorsing role models for the rest of the community? Or simply rewarding hard work and determination?

Are we looking for ordinary people doing extraordinary things, or extraordinary people doing ordinary things? What measuring stick do we use to define the qualities of a person who captures the essence of our diverse and always changing Australian society?

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What Price Is Free Speech?

To paraphrase a popular international ad campaign - Buying that dress on special: $150; new digital TV: $1000; supporting free speech and the protection of whistle-blowers: priceless!

Australians have been taking part in the post-Christmas sales, and credit card companies have been doing a roaring trade; as usual facilitating the purchase of bargains at various stores around the country.

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