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Greens denounce Bill Shorten's move to back Abbott's turn-back policy

The Greens have today denounced Bill Shorten's move to back the Abbott Government's "turn-back" policy for refugees seeking asylum in Australia.

"Labor's move to adopt Tony Abbott's turn-back policy is short-sighted and will only make things harder for refugees to find safety," Greens Immigration spokesperson Sarah Hanson-Young said today.

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Minister needs to come clean on boat arrival

The Australian Greens are calling on the Immigration Minister to come clean about whether an asylum boat has been seen and intercepted off the coast of Western Australia.

“We have seen reports today that indicate a boat has been found close to the coast of Australia, and in response, Minister Dutton has refused to confirm or deny if it exists,” Greens Immigration Spokesperson Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said today.

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Sarah Hanson-Young joins Mediterranean search & rescue operation

Greens spokesperson for Immigration Senator Sarah Hanson-Young will be joining the Migration Offshore Aid Station (MOAS) in one of their search and rescue operations in the Mediterranean Sea.

“The United Nations estimates that there is currently more refugees looking for safety around the world than ever before on record,” Sarah Hanson-Young said.

“People seeking asylum and families fleeing war and violence is a global problem.

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Greens will move on mandatory reporting and lift gag clauses for detention staff

From today, the new Border Force laws make it a crime for staff and contractors who work within Australia's immigration detention centres to speak out against wrong-doing, abuse and suffering.

The Australian Greens will move to amend this by reinstating the public interest test into these laws and pushing again for mandatory reporting of child abuse and harm when the Senate resumes in August. 

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Labor supports detention bill giving government unfettered power to run offshore detention with no oversight

Labor supports detention bill giving government unfettered power to run offshore detention with no oversight.

The Abbott Government and Labor Party have voted together to ram through laws that will keep asylum seekers and refugees indefinitely detained in centres on Nauru and Manus Island despite serious concerns about the inhumane conditions inside the camps.

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Senate votes for inquiry into bribes paid to people smugglers

The Senate has voted to establish a parliamentary inquiry into payments made by Australian Government officials to boat crew members and people traffickers. The inquiry was moved by the Greens after the Government refused to comply with an Order to Produce Documents and will report back to the Senate in September.

“The Government's refusal to be straight with the public or the parliament about bribes paid to people smugglers is a disgrace and will now be challenged through this Inquiry,” Greens Immigration Spokesperson Sarah Hanson-Young said.

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Deal with Iran another bribe from Government over asylum seekers

The Australian Greens have expressed concern today over reports that Australia is offering changes to official Travel Warnings to Iran in exchange for approval to forcibly deport Iranian asylum seekers.

"It seems the Australian Government is prepared to bribe anyone and everyone to get rid of asylum seekers wherever possible. First it was Nauru, PNG and Cambodia, this week it was cash bribes to people smugglers and now it's the Iranian Government," Greens Immigration spokesperson Sarah Hanson-Young said today.

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