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Good news for South Australia in climate package: Greens

South Australia will benefit from the historic climate action package which finally puts a price on carbon to cut pollution, the Australian Greens said today.

"The Greens went to the 2010 election promising to take action on climate change, and at last we have the results after many months of negotiations," SA Greens Senator, Sarah Hanson-Young, said.

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Govt must act to protect water licences from foreign ownership

The Australian Greens are calling on the federal government to alter the powers of the Foreign Investment Review Board to include water licences.


It comes amid an overwhelming response from everyday Australians toward the acquisition of prime farming land by foreign companies and shows the Federal government must act to ensure water allocation licences in the Murray Darling Basin and other part of the country are protected.


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Greens question Windsor’s Murray Darling basin committee report

The Greens are pleased with the release of the House of Representative committee’s report into the Murray Darling basin, but have questioned some of its recommendations.

“We join with environmental groups in expressing our concern with the report’s call for a reassessment of the voluntary water buy-back of certain allocations,” Greens’ spokesperson on the Murray Darling, Sen. Sarah Hanson-Young, said.

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Greens back levy after $100 million win on solar and support for affordable housing, education

The Australian Greens will support the flood levy in the House of Representatives and the Senate after important gains from the Government on their proposed funding cuts.

Greens Leader Bob Brown, Deputy Leader Christine Milne and MP Adam Bandt took their concerns directly to the government and negotiated a good outcome that will release funding for flood recovery and protect key programs.

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Murray-Darling Reform Needs Real Leadership From Government

The Australian Greens are disappointed at the resignation of Murray-Darling Basin Authority, Mike Taylor, but are even more disappointed at the lack of leadership from the Federal Government in standing by the Murray-Darling Basin Plan.

Senator Hanson-Young, Greens spokesperson on the Murray-Darling Basin, says the Federal Government is trying to give the false impression that there is some easy solution to the crisis in the river system.

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Murray-Darling Basin Needs Leadership Not Retreat From Reform

The Australian Greens continue to stand up for the future of the Murray-Darling river system, but are concerned at the lack of will and leadership from other parties that is threatening that future, according to Senator Sarah Hanson-Young.

Senator Hanson-Young, Greens spokesperson on the Murray-Darling Basin, says the Water Act was designed to establish an independent authority with the power to achieve vital, permanent reform of water use that will enable us to save the Basin.

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Matter of Public Importance - Murray-Darling Basin

Senator HANSON-YOUNG (South Australia)

(5.48 pm) - Today's debate comes in good time, as the minister has tabled a ministerial statement regarding legal advice received today from the Government Solicitor in relation to the Water Act. Unsurprisingly, the Water Act clearly shows that the necessity of ensuring environmental sustainability, coupled with looking at the social and economic costs and benefits for the community, has always been there.

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No Sustainable River Means No Sustainable Communities

The Australian Greens say the Federal Government's legal advice shows the Water Act has always taken into account the social and economic benefits and costs of water reform, according to Senator Sarah Hanson-Young.

Senator Hanson-Young, Greens spokesperson on the Murray-Darling Basin, says that without putting the river on a sustainable environmental footing, there will be no security for basin communities or Australia's food production.

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