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Greens announce support for wildlife carers in South Australia

The Australian Greens today launched a $15 million plan in Adelaide to help wildlife carers meet the costs of providing quality care for sick and injured native animals.

"Wildlife carers travel great distances to respond to calls for help for injured animals and give countless hours of care. Orphaned joeys or birds, for example, often involve around the clock monitoring and feeding," Senator Larissa Waters, Australian Greens environment spokesperson, said.

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Greens call on Burke to reject failed Plan

Greens call on Burke to reject failed Plan

The Australian Greens have today called on Minister Burke to step in and reject the Murray Darling Basin plan that in its current form, is set to fail the future of the river system.

"The Plan handed down by the Authority today fails the river and its communities, it fails South Australia and unfortunately looks set to fail in the courts as well." Greens' water and Murray Darling Basin spokesperson, Senator Sarah Hanson-Young, said.

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Murray Darling Basin Authority report

Australian Greens leader Senator Christine Milne, and Greens spokesperson for the Murray Darling Basin, Senator Sarah Hanson-Young held a press conference to respond to the Murray Darling Basin Authority report.

Please see the transcript of their statements below. The audio file provides the full audio with the questions and answers.


Christine Milne:                      

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