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Billions of litres of environmental water saved from the clutches of greedy corporate irrigators

The Australian Greens’ push to stop billions of litres of water from being stripped from the environment to feather the nests of greedy corporate irrigators has won the backing of Labor and some crossbench senators, passing the Senate tonight.

“We’ve cleared the first hurdle on the road to restoring the Murray Darling Basin Plan back to what it was meant to be; security for the river, and for the environment to get what it needs to survive,” Greens Murray Darling Basin spokesperson Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said.

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Allegations of lies and corruption risk South Australia’s vital water source

Today’s revelations that South Australia has been sold down the river about how much water it would lose if the Government’s change to the Murray Darling Basin Plan are further proof why the Plan should not be scaled back, The Australian Greens say.

“Big irrigators and upstream states are always claiming that South Australia is too far downstream for anything to matter – that’s just not true,” Greens Murray Darling Basin spokesperson Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said.

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Agriculture and Water portfolios together is a conflict of interest: Senate

The Senate today has supported an Australian Greens motion calling on the Government to split the Agriculture and Water portfolios.
“This motion clearly identifies there is a conflict of interest by grouping the Water and Agriculture Portfolios together – we know this because Barnaby Joyce has bragged about it himself,” Greens Murray Darling Basin spokesperson Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said.
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Barnaby may be back, but door to water ministry must stay closed

The Australian Greens are renewing calls for Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to keep the keys to the Water Ministry out of the hands of Barnaby Joyce and the Nationals.

“Just because Barnaby Joyce has settled his citizenship blunder and has been returned to Parliament, does not mean we can forget the stuff up after stuff up at the helm of the Water Ministry,” Greens Murray Darling Basin spokesperson Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said.

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Dams not the answer to securing Australia’s environmental future

The Coalition’s leaked plan to build 100 dams across Australia is poorly thought through and environmentally reckless, the Australian Greens say.

“While the Greens are releasing considered, costed policies the Coalition are leaking crazy thought bubbles with $30b price tags that will devastate the environment,” the Greens water spokesperson, Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said.

“This is another crazy idea, courtesy of Barnaby Joyce, who is more interested in being anti-environmental than nation-building.

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Wentworth Group confirms draft plan's groundwater extractions bad for SA

The Wentworth Group of Concerned Scientists' independent assessment of the implications of extra ground water extractions in the MDBA's flawed draft plan spells yet more bad news for South Australia, the Australian Greens said today.

"The current proposal fails to save the river and fails to protect SA from a new round of over allocations from upstream states through increased groundwater extractions," Greens' water spokesperson, Sen. Sarah Hanson-Young, said.

"Unless this is changed, the river will die from the bottom up, starting with the closing of the Murray Mouth.

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Greens urge govt to release legal advice on Murray Darling draft plan compliance with Water Act

The Australian Greens have today called on the Gillard government to release legal advice on whether the Murray Darling Basin Authority's draft plan complies with the Commonwealth Water Act.

"As the MDBA head today confirmed in a Senate estimates committee hearing that legal advice was done, now is the time for the government to let Australians see it," Greens' water spokesperson, Sen. Sarah Hanson-Young, said.

"They clearly have the legal advice on the draft plan, despite last week declining to release it when I questioned the government about its existence.

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