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Government wasting taxpayer money on asylum seeker propaganda film

The Australian Greens have slammed the Abbott Government for planning to use $4 million of taxpayer money to fund a new telemovie that seeks to deter asylum seekers coming to Australia, telling them instead to remain in warzones.  

“This is more Abbott Government propaganda paid for by the Australian taxpayer,” Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said.

“This is a shameless abuse of tax payer funds.

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Greens request allegations of sexual abuse be investigated by Royal Commission

The Australian Greens have today written to the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse to request that allegations of sexual abuse in Australia’s immigration detention centres be investigated.

“Overnight we have heard further allegations of sexual abuse against women and children in the Nauru detention centre, these reports are shocking and must be investigated, Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said.

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Government must remove women and children from Nauru immediately to prevent further abuse

The Australian Government was aware of incidents of abuse against women and children on Nauru long before the Moss review was instigated, yet the Minister continued to detain people on the island, the Australian Greens have said.

“It is abhorrent that despite knowing that women and children were subjected to sexual abuse and harassment both the former and current Immigration Ministers continued to lock people up there”, Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said.

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Government must show compassion toward dying asylum seeker

“It is truly tragic that a young man has been driven to such despair that he is willing to forgo his life rather than return to his homeland”, Greens’ immigration spokesperson, Senator Hanson-Young said.

“What kind of country have we become when people would rather starve themselves to death than remain in detention or be deported?

“One has to ask why this young man was driven to such lengths, he clearly believes that he has no other option and that is extremely sad.

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Incompetent Government can’t be trusted with sensitive personal information

The Australian Greens have today said that Department of Immigration has a lot to answer for following the ‘accidental’ release of several world leaders’ personal details.

"The level of incompetency of this government is startling, first the leak and then to have not even notified those implicated is bad form. You've got to wonder if the Abbott Government could be trusted to organise a bun fight in a bakery, Greens’ spokesperson for immigration, Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said." 

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No justice one year after refugee Reza Barati's tragic death

Tuesday marks one year since the tragic death of Reza Barati, a refugee in the care of the Australian Government.

"A year on and we still have no answers and a government that refuses to accept any responsibility for the death of a refugee in its care," Greens Leader Christine Milne said.

"People imprisoned on Manus Island continue to suffer but Reza Barati paid the ultimate price for the Coalition's cruel policy encapsulated in the election slogan to 'stop the boats'.

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Another broken promise; refugee children still in detention despite Christmas pledge

"Despite blackmailing the Senate and using children as hostages to pass their harsh refugee laws, hundreds of children remain locked up," Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said today.

"Hundreds of children are still in immigration detention.

"Every day lived in detention is another day of damage inflicted on these children.

"The Government held these children as hostages to get the votes they wanted in the Senate and now they've failed to release them.

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Greens will move to grant media access to immigration detention centres

"Australians have the right to know what is being done in their names and with their taxpayer dollars," Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said.


“The government cannot be trusted to tell the truth about what is really going on inside the Manus Island detention camp.  

“The Minister has been caught lying to the Australian public and he must be held to account. 

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Abbott Government must come clean on Cambodia deal

The Australian government must release the full details of the dodgy deal with Cambodia, the Australian Greens have said.

 “Australia’s dodgy deal to dump refugees in Cambodia is inhumane and will cost Australian taxpayers millions of dollars”, Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said.

 “Minister Dutton’s comments today that the Cambodian government are “credible to deal with” are naive and misinformed.

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